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After planning, designing, and officiating hundreds of weddings for 15+ years, Jennifer and Rick learned exactly what their clients and the industry needed—a ceremony script builder app inclusive of different styles, cultures, and unique love stories.

Jennifer and Rick Tan

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More than a script builder

At Wedwordy, we're fueled by passion and guided by our core values. Wedwordy is your partner in creating the ceremony of your dreams while honoring our core values of inclusivity, creativity, accessibility, empowerment, and adaptability.


Your wedding ceremony is a deeply personal and meaningful moment. Wedwordy puts the power in your hands, allowing you to decide how much you want to create yourself. Our premium plan further empowers you to fine-tune every element, making your script truly your own.


We believe that your ceremony should be a reflection of your love story, and that means embracing your creative spirit. With an abundance of script templates and customization options, Wedwordy empowers you to infuse your ceremony with your unique style, values, and cultures.


At the heart of Wedwordy is a commitment to inclusivity. Love knows no boundaries, and neither should your ceremony.


Just as love evolves, so can your ceremony. Life changes, and Wedwordy changes with you. If you decide to update your name, pronouns, or the date of your ceremony, our platform automatically ensures your script remains current and heartfelt.

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