Make it yours. Make it with Wedwordy

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter ceremonies and embrace the freedom to express your love story your way. Wedwordy is your go-to companion for crafting the perfect ceremony script.

Wedwordy script builder

Generate beautiful, personalized ceremony scripts.

Wedwordy offers a range of features that simplify the process of creating your ideal ceremony script. Here's how we help you craft the perfect ceremony.

Diverse templates

Choose from a diverse collection of ceremony script element templates. With Wedwordy, you have the creative freedom to tailor your ceremony to match your style, values, and cultures.

Customization control

Decide how much you want to create yourself. Wedwordy empowers you to make the ceremony script uniquely yours. You can start from scratch or use our templates as a foundation.

Effortless updates

Life is constantly changing, and so can your ceremony script. With Wedwordy, your scripts will update automatically if you decide to change your name, pronouns, or the date of the ceremony. Keep your ceremony script current without the hassle.

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