Disrupt the Status Quo

A couple holding hands during a tradition-breaking wedding ceremony written by Wedwordy

When it comes to creating your wedding words, you want the freedom and flexibility to make it yours.  In 2018, you have a partner (aside from your own adorable partner) in disrupting the status quo: Wedwordy.

Currently, creating wedding ceremony words is a painstaking, tedious process. A multitude of wedding websites make an effort in posting their favorite scripts and ceremony words on your behalf. However, sifting through all that involves numerous Internet searches and, in the end, you will have spent oodles of time cutting and pasting bits and pieces of wedding words, or relinquishing your freedom to have your officiant instead do that work for you. With Wedwordy, you do not need to sacrifice time or freedom.

Wedwordy has pioneered a dynamic app to make creating your ceremony words both convenient and custom. Stress-reducing and time-saving! It is a Web application designed to be an effective solution in delivering high-value features: templates to get you started, elements that can be arranged, omitted, or added to your ceremony, and fully editable and curated passages. In one app, you compose your personalized wedding ceremony, from the processional to the pronouncement!

Is Wedwordy for everybody? No. Is Wedwordy for the engaged couple who wants the freedom and flexibility to create wedding ceremony words your way? Yes!

The time has come to disrupt the status quo. It is time for Wedwordy.

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Beyond the Wedding Ceremony Script

Do a search on “wedding ceremony scripts” and you will see a list of sites with links to other sites that will link you to blog posts by planners and officiants who have posted excerpts of weddings, ideas for unity rituals, and sample wording. A painful process, and with luck and perseverance, you may actually yield a wedding ceremony script!

Now click once into Wedwordy, and voila! You are in the only Web app you need to create your wedding ceremony! With templates and pre-selected passages, you can conveniently print your ceremony in minutes. Or take the time to personalize your wedding ceremony by availing of the app’s full editing features.

Wedwordy eliminates time-consuming Internet searches for wedding words AND takes you beyond the wedding ceremony script. Wedwordy offers you convenience and customization. The wedding ceremony script gets upgraded.

Perseverance is admirable when courting your partner; you should not need it when trying to personalize your wedding ceremony words!

Make it yours [painlessly] with Wedwordy.

Your One and Only

Kyle and Julie walking in full wedding attire as bride and groom after a their ceremony

Your one and only love is your partner. Your one and only wedding ceremony app is Wedwordy! When you have found the precious person whom you will share the rest of your life with, you want your wedding words to express just how fortunate and happy you are. You want to share your unique and special relationship, your devotion and joy. With Wedwordy, you can do this in one, easy to use Web app.

Creating your personalized wedding ceremony words should not deflate the joy of getting married. Do an Internet search on “ceremony builder”, “wedding script, or “ideas for wedding ceremony words”. You will get a smattering of sites from wedding planners offering advice on how find tidbits of wedding words to well-meaning officiants giving you examples of ceremony wording they have used. Then you will need to stitch together these different sources to assemble a wedding ceremony draft, which may or may not flow as well as you would like, or more distressing, be missing significant pieces. The inconvenience and hassle of Internet searches, along with the limitations of personalization, quickly kills the mood!

To keep the joy alive, Wedwordy offers a simple solution. Put the versatility of convenience and customization into one wedding ceremony app . The key is in the trio of Templates, Elements, and Passages – the heart and soul of Wedwordy!


You begin composing your wedding ceremony by choosing one of eight Templates: Non-Religious, Christian, Spiritual, Catholic, Filipino/Latino, Short & Sweet, and Vow Renewal. These have pre-selected Elements and Passages, so should you view the draft ( with your names already formatted in from your Profile) and love it as is, just Save, Share, and Print! You can, of course, fully edit these Templates, and along with the Custom Ceremony Template, choose to completely personalize your wedding ceremony words.


These are the different sections of a wedding ceremony. In Wedwordy, there are sixteen Elements! Announcement, Processional, Escort’s Salutation, Greeting, Reflections on Love, Our Story, Blessings & Prayers, Poems & Readings, Unity Rituals, Gratitude Rituals, Shout Out, Declaration of Intent, Exchange of Vows, Giving of Rings, Officiant’s Charge, and Pronouncement. In the Templates, they are arranged in a traditional sequence, but you can rearrange, omit, and add Elements as you wish.


The Passages are the content of the wedding ceremony. Each Element has several Passages for you to choose from. These have been curated by Wedwordy to represent a range of preferences that are culturally, spiritually, and gender diverse. Select a Passage that best resonates with you. And when you want to add further personalization, you can edit the Passages or write or paste your own custom content.

In your home or on a weekend getaway, just log in to your Wedwordy account, and together with your partner, compose the perfect, most meaningful wedding ceremony! You and your partner promise a lifetime of happiness. Wedwordy promises a wedding ceremony to get you there.

Make It Yours

A recently married couple in front of a house after a wedding ceremony

There are many apps available to help you with your dream wedding. You can get inspired on Carats & Cake, choose your venue and vendors in WeddingWire, organize your reception with AislePlanner, and so much more. But there is one app devoted to your wedding ceremony – Wedwordy.

The words shared by your officiant in your wedding ceremony speak about love and marriage. They include your declaration of intent to marry and your vows of everlasting faith and friendship. Without a doubt, the wedding ceremony is the most meaningful part of the day’s celebration. Sure, your guests may want to get to the catered meal, cake, and dancing, but your family and friends want to witness the two of you saying your “I do’s”, exchanging your promises, and kissing as newlyweds!

Wedwordy is the only Web-based app that offers you complete control of the wedding ceremony words, so you can make it meaningful. With elegant and simple-to-use navigation, you can easily choose a template with pre-set passages, view the draft, save, share, and print it – a ceremony ready for your officiant! Or you can create a custom ceremony by assembling ceremony elements, selecting passages, and editing every word for a complete, personalized wedding ceremony.

It is time to let go of the time-consuming and un-fun methods of scouring the Internet for bits of passages, finding a few templates, downloading “personalized” ceremonies by officiants, or using sites with clunky script generators. Only Wedwordy gives you the versatility of both time-saving convenience and thoughtful and fun customization.

For the most meaningful part of the wedding day, choose Wedwordy. Make it yours!

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What is Wedwordy?

Kyle and Julie, bride and groom, laughing during their wedding meal

Newly engaged and madly in love, you dream of a wedding day that is memorable and meaningful, a personal expression of commitment, love and devotion. Beyond “I do”, you want every word expressed at the ceremony to be just as significant. You want the words to reflect your unique personality as a couple. You want it to be about the two of you. With Wedwordy, the world’s premiere wedding ceremony composer app, you can make it yours!

As the trend continues towards weddings that embrace cultural, spiritual, and gender diversity, engaged couples are discovering that there is freedom in how the ceremony words are expressed. A few may attempt to write their own ceremony words from a blank slate. Others will sift through online sources, typing in keywords, copying and pasting, stitching together their ceremony. Some may find an officiant who will write it for them or assemble a ceremony from weddings they have performed. All well-meaning.

However, finding the officiant with the right resources to create a custom ceremony for you is rare, and pouring through a variety of printed and digital sources or writing your wedding words from scratch is daunting, especially when the checklist of wedding preparations is mounting!

Wedwordy is a versatile, convenient, easy-to-use app that offers you the freedom of creating your own wedding ceremony. With Templates, Elements, and a variety of Passages, Wedwordy is your tool to craft a beautiful, personalized wedding ceremony. Select the Elements and Passages you want, edit and write as you please. Simply open a Wedwordy account, fill out your Profile, create your ceremony with Composer, then Save, Share, and Print!

Wedwordy.  Your wedding ceremony app.


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