Scaling Down to Two of You

Couple at Bridge for Lassen Wild Shoot with XSiGHT Photography and Tan Weddings & Events

Lockdowns in 2020 stopped the wedding march in its tracks. Grand celebrations that couples and their venues and vendors had planned for months were halted, causing ripples of painful and distressing cancellations, reschedules, and postponements. By rethinking priorities and reflecting on what was most important, some couples scaled down their celebrations from 200 guests to 2. A wedding is not about the party, it is about the pair – two people who want to be joined in marriage.

Tan Weddings & Events, our parent company, has been doing elopements for years, and with their origin story as officiants, they have always put the ceremony at the center of a wedding. “The pandemic and ensuing restrictions reminded the industry that the heart of a wedding is the couple’s pledge to one another to remain committed, courageous, to focus on their partnership, and not worry about the party!”

Wedwordy agrees! The wedding ceremony script remains an integral component of a wedding, whether shared with a throng of wedding guests or expressed by the officiant with just the couple present. The picture featured in this post was from a photo shoot by Tan Weddings & Events. Imagine, just the two of you, standing in a serene setting such as the one from the shoot near Lassen Volcanic Park, and exchanging your meaningful words of love, witnessed by nature. Scaling down to two is still a grand celebration.


Planners & Florals | Tan Weddings & Events

Hair & Makeup | I Make Beautiful

Photography | Nicole Sepulveda, XSiGHT

Dress | Joanne Fleming Design

Tie | Knotty Tie

A Tutorial, A Teaser

Wedwordy has served many couples in helping them compose their custom wedding ceremonies. The app is easy-to-use, and mostly intuitive. We wanted the experience to be even easier! So we produced a video with five steps in navigating the features and content of this fantastic wedding ceremony script generator. For our couples who have purchased the app, then it will serve as a tutorial. For couples who are considering using the app, then it is a teaser video!

The 5-minute video will take the viewer through five easy steps in creating a personalized ceremony. With everything you need in one place, Wedwordy eliminates the time-consuming search for bits and pieces of ceremonies from all over the internet, and it formats the ceremony into a neat and tidy document for easy sharing, printing, and reading.

With or without the video to support its user experience, Wedwordy is determined to make the ceremony script writing process a fun and easy task!

Pledge to Unity

Our main company, Tan Weddings & Events posted this beautiful blog post. Wedwordy supports peaceful efforts in bringing the change we want to see, to make a difference, to bring unity, justice, and equality. Here is their blog post in its entirety:

Our development as humans relies on the building blocks of self-worth, self-esteem, and self-identity. We all yearn for the most fundamental need of human beings – to love and be loved. We can go so far as to claim it as a right of every one of us on earth. Sadly, some of us have lost our way, choosing to violate those rights – through actions that chip away at another’s self-worth, self-esteem, and self-identity.

As individuals in this staggeringly challenging time, we all hope to course correct lost souls, to bring peace to our global communities where human rights violations are rampant, to speak out against tragedies as a result of the historical and ongoing legacy of racial injustice and gender-based violence in the United States, to dismantle broken systems and rebuild a more enlightened society, to make a difference. Making a difference means each of us has a voice, the freedom to choose a path towards peace and unity for all. Some do it on a personal level – from conversations with your children during dinner to rising up as a charismatic voice for the people. Others may choose to use their businesses as a forum to effect change. Giant, billion dollar corporations such as Amazon can do it on a massive scale, where their message can be heard by a multitude of people.

Can a small, minority-owned business such as ours make an impact? Absolutely!

When we got married 26 years ago, we felt blessed for the warmth and openness we received from our families – it was about love, no matter our different faiths or color of our skin. Since then, as owners of Tan Weddings & Events, we have been committed to serving “all faiths, all cultures, and all partnerships”. It is our humble way of making an impact.

Through our service as officiants and planners of weddings, we are proponents of unity, equality, and diversity. We are in a unique position to bring people of all color and cultures together in a joyful experience to celebrate and uphold the most fundamental of human needs – to love and be loved.

Sadly, human rights get buried in politics, where we end up divided, choosing sides. There are no sides when we choose peace for all – it is at the core. It is at the core of what we all want for our global society. It is at the core of the Black Lives Matter movement. We stand with the Black community against hate. We will continue to model equality and unity in our professional setting as well as foster these values in our personal lives. We just want what all of us have a right to – to love and be loved.

In our ongoing commitment to uphold unity, equality, diversity, and peace, we pledge the following:

  • To listen and understand: We welcome feedback and ideas from our past, current and potential clients so that we may grow and fully support our never-ending goals of providing events for couples of all backgrounds, ethnicities, faiths, and sexual orientation.
  • To communicate openly: We are committed to providing more communication with our team, our clients, event industry vendors, and our entire community with empathy, understanding, and real, intentional support.
  • To be held accountable: We have an Inclusion Specialist and are expanding that role to keep us accountable.  This part of our team will empower the diverse voices among our employees  to provide insight, guidance, and accountability in addressing the topics of diversity and equality.
  • To analyze: We have been studying our mission statement, business goals, social media, publicity, and contract language to ensure that we are clear throughout our words, photos and videos about who we are and what we support.
  • To share: We have been developing an inclusion training over the past months and are committed now, more than ever, to training and developing our team, and reaching out to the event industry as a whole. Online and in-person workshops will be offered by our Inclusion Specialist to event industry businesses and leaders. This training goes beyond a request for inclusion — it demands that we recognize our privilege and complicity, challenge biases and microaggressions, understand the history of oppression, and explore how we as professionals, business owners, and individuals can contribute to long lasting change.
  • To learn: We are committed to continually analyzing our processes, and elevating our standards. We make this commitment to ourselves, to our community, and to our industry. We promise to be vigilant in this work, and to be present and aware of how our actions and movements reflect these efforts.

Change takes time, learning and growing takes time. We are continually, day to day, reflecting inward and assessing our thoughts, words, and deeds, striving to become better people. If we all acknowledge that we have a lot of work to do, and that we have to do it with the core values of peace and unity, we can begin to heal. We look to the future – a world that fully, wholly, and joyfully celebrates our differences and sameness, and it begins now. Love and be loved – it’s our right.

Rick and Jennifer Tan
co-owners, Tan Weddings & Events
​Photo Credit | Jodee Debes Photography

Planning a Smaller Wedding Ceremony

Does love conquer all? We would like to hope so. In the wake of a global crisis, couples in love want to wed. As the world’s people are forced to distance themselves in a collective act of altruism, couples are brought closer, a desire to face trials together, a desire to form a sacred bond. Indeed, two hearts are stronger than one. But can a couple have a wedding ceremony after lockdowns are lifted and gatherings are permitted to convene again? They can, but couples must expect new norms for weddings.

Clients and vendors will need to find common ground to hold a wedding that is hygienically feasible. Tan Weddings & Events, our sister company, is a leader in the wedding industry, having been in business for over 15 years, and having planned, coordinated, and officiated hundreds of weddings throughout California. They created a document called “Event Hygiene Management” that offers guidelines for weddings in the near future. Currently, they are offering packages for smaller wedding ceremonies for less than 10 people to allow couples in love to be wed.

“The package includes an officiant from our team, our planning service, and photo and livestream,” says Jennifer Tan, lead planner for TWE. “We have been offering elopement packages for several years now, and we are simply rebranding it as a perfect offering with event size limitations in place in California. But the quality of our service doesn’t change – we aim for extraordinay. Now, also sanitary!”

Visit their COVID weddings page on their website. And remember, with Wedwordy, you can create your wedding ceremony script while sheltered-in-place!

Photo | Nick Graham Photography


Vow Renewal at Park Winters

Wendy and Kevon Enjoy their Vow Renewal at Park Winters in California

We wholeheartedly vote for couples to have vow renewals! Whether it be 5 years, 10 years, 20 years or more, having a vow renewal is an important and special time to celebrate one’s marriage. For some, a vow renewal is smaller and less formal than the wedding day. For others, it is the chance to do what couldn’t be done on the wedding day!

Wendy and Kevon celebrated 10 years of wedded bliss at Park Winters. Being an incredibly talented wedding photographer herself, Wendy has an artistic eye and designed her event to perfection. We especially love the patterned linens paired with the textured florals, and the fact that they used the gorgeous front garden of the mansion for the ceremony, featuring their favorite quote as a backdrop.

Using our Wedwordy app and customizing the words to match their 10 years of marriage, the couple created vows that were sweet, raw, emotional, and unforgettable.

This absolutely incredible day has been featured on Style Me Pretty and on the Park Winters blog. We are so grateful to have been a part of this couple’s gorgeous vow renewal.

Photo | Honey Gem Creative
Venue & Catering | Park Winters
Coordination | Alluring Events
Florals | April Baytan Designs
Officiant | Tan Weddings & Events
Ceremony Words | Wedwordy
HMUA | Sara Starr Hair
Cake | Batter Up Cakery
DJ | DJ David Q
Rentals | Celebrations! Party RentalsCriate Rentals
Signage | Shimmer + Stain
Linens | La Tavola Linen

Golden Hour

On wedding day, there are so many moments for the couple touched by miracles and magic. Wedwordy, of course, believes one of those moments is the ceremony itself when couples and their officiant compose their words of love! Another fabulous moment is the “golden hour”. If the couple is fortunate to host their celebration at a venue with picturesque views, photographers will whisk the couple away in the moments just before the sun sets. Its orange glow, just as it begins to hide behind the hills and trees, becomes a beautiful light for the newyweds. Truly, a golden hour.

Check out our friend Michelle Hewitt’s website at Valley Images Photography and let her tell your story of love, romance, and friendship in pictures.

Photographer | @valleyimagesphotography
Planning, Coordination, Ribbon & Officiant | @tanweddingsandevents
Ceremony Words | @wedwordy
Catering, Bar & Cake | @andersonfamilycatering
Desserts | @zestfreshpastry
HMUA | Brittany Wright @lea_bgorgeous
DJ & Lighting | @deborbaevents
Florals | @wildflowersdesigngroup
Rentals | @standardpartyrentals
Linens | @latavolalinen
Venue | @themapleswoodland
Dress | @justinalexander from @miosabride

Freedom to Personalize

Christina + Matt | Ryan Greenleaf | Wedwordy

Your love is as unique as the two of you, so why shouldn’t your ceremony words be unique as well? Wedwordy gives you the freedom to compose your custom wedding ceremony script. Christina and Matt, with their officiant, created a very personal ceremony by including the Ritual of the Tea Ceremony, a Shout Out of Support, and Sharing of Personal Vows – all passages available in Wedwordy! Then, they asked their officiant to find them a Chinese poem to reflect their love, which he added in as a beautiful closing blessing to wish the couple well in their adventure together.

Photography | @ryangreenleaf
Planning, Coordination, Design, Florals & Officiant | @tanweddingsandevents
Ceremony Script | @wedwordy
Venue, Catering, Bar & Accommodations | @parkwinters
HMUA | @pdartistry
Videography | @daxvictorinofilms
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Linens | @latavolalinen
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Dress | @helenmillerbridal

A Friend Officiates at Villa De Nardi

Taylar and Cameron initially planned an elopement in the redwood grove along Putah Creek in Davis, CA. On their visit, instead of seeing the serene water, the creek was emptied due to construction!  Their planner Tan Weddings & Events managed a great plan B when the party was moved to Villa De Nardi in Winters, CA.

Villa De Nardi ended up being the perfect space for the guests, with the garden for the ceremony, and dinner under the lights on the main reception space. Gold flecked doughnuts, handcrafted place cards, vintage tableware, and lush florals made for gorgeous summer nuptials and some of the prettiest tablescapes we’ve ever seen!

Their friend Ashley Cliver officiated for the couple, and with the convenience of the Wedwordy app, created a meaningful and personal ceremony.


PHOTOGRAPHY | Melissa Babasin Photography
VENUE | Ville De Nardi
OFFICIANT | Ashely Cliver
CATERING | Gesche’s Gourmet
HMUA | Polished by Paigey
ENTERTAINMENT | Brian Wolfe Events
FLORALS | Galeazi’s Floral Design
RENTALS | Blossom Farm Vintage Rentals | Cherry’s Very Vintage Rentals | Firehouse Entertainment | La Tavola
CAKE | Batter Up Cakery

I Do’s and a Donkey

Pheasant Trek at Dunnigan Hills sits on 80 acres of olive trees and vineyards with pastures for grazing cattle and a pen for cute miniature donkeys! So there’s plenty of room for 200 wedding guests to enjoy the pastoral setting at this working Yolo County ranch estate.

Owned by a charismatic wife-and-daughter team who run a global cattle business, Pheasnt Trek became the site of a styled shoot coordinated by Tan Weddings & Events. When principal planner Jennifer Tan met with the owners, it sparked the excitement of showcasing this northern California ranch as a wedding venue.

With your wedding script powered by Wedwordy, you can have a wedding amidst the rolling crop land of California, with the occassional bray of a donkey.

Photography & Videography | XSiGHT Productions Inc.
Planning, Coordination & Design | Tan Weddings & Events
Florals & Design | Strelitzia Flower Company
Venue | Pheasant Trek at Dunnigan Hills
Rentals | Celebrations! Party RentalsFirehouse EntertainmentBlossom Farm Vintage Rentals
HMUA | Veronica Marshall DV Beauty
Jewelry | Renewable Jewels
Cake | Khacek Confections
Signage | Emily Murphey Designs
Acrylic Invitation Suite & Menu | Swoonable
Dress| Watters from Misosa Bride
Models | Kevin Alston & Cathleen Whitlock

Have Wedwordy, Will Travel

Amidst the glorious vines and trellises of DeLoach Vineyards, Erin and Jon celebrated a wonderful wedding day! Hailing from Aurora, Illinois, the couple and a handful of close friends and family enjoyed the iconic wine country. The couple signed up for their Wedwordy account while in Illinois and created a draft of their ceremony. They shared it with Reverend Rick Tan of Tan Weddings and Events, in California, who reviewed and refined the script. When the couple arrived to the Napa Valley vineyard for their wedding, Reverend Rick Tan had the script printed and ready in his binder to share!


Photography | Jen Philips Photography
Planning and Design | La Grande Fete
Officiant | Tan Weddings & Events
Printing | Miss D Designs
Linens | La Tavola Fine Linen
Florals | EV Floral Design
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