Planning a Smaller Wedding Ceremony

Does love conquer all? We would like to hope so. In the wake of a global crisis, couples in love want to wed. As the world’s people are forced to distance themselves in a collective act of altruism, couples are brought closer, a desire to face trials together, a desire to form a sacred bond. Indeed, two hearts are stronger than one. But can a couple have a wedding ceremony after lockdowns are lifted and gatherings are permitted to convene again? They can, but couples must expect new norms for weddings.

Clients and vendors will need to find common ground to hold a wedding that is hygienically feasible. Tan Weddings & Events, our sister company, is a leader in the wedding industry, having been in business for over 15 years, and having planned, coordinated, and officiated hundreds of weddings throughout California. They created a document called “Event Hygiene Management” that offers guidelines for weddings in the near future. Currently, they are offering packages for smaller wedding ceremonies for less than 10 people to allow couples in love to be wed.

“The package includes an officiant from our team, our planning service, and photo and livestream,” says Jennifer Tan, lead planner for TWE. “We have been offering elopement packages for several years now, and we are simply rebranding it as a perfect offering with event size limitations in place in California. But the quality of our service doesn’t change – we aim for extraordinay. Now, also sanitary!”

Visit their COVID weddings page on their website. And remember, with Wedwordy, you can create your wedding ceremony script while sheltered-in-place!

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