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A recently married couple in front of a house after a wedding ceremony

There are many apps available to help you with your dream wedding. You can get inspired on Carats & Cake, choose your venue and vendors in WeddingWire, organize your reception with AislePlanner, and so much more. But there is one app devoted to your wedding ceremony – Wedwordy.

The words shared by your officiant in your wedding ceremony speak about love and marriage. They include your declaration of intent to marry and your vows of everlasting faith and friendship. Without a doubt, the wedding ceremony is the most meaningful part of the day’s celebration. Sure, your guests may want to get to the catered meal, cake, and dancing, but your family and friends want to witness the two of you saying your “I do’s”, exchanging your promises, and kissing as newlyweds!

Wedwordy is the only Web-based app that offers you complete control of the wedding ceremony words, so you can make it meaningful. With elegant and simple-to-use navigation, you can easily choose a template with pre-set passages, view the draft, save, share, and print it – a ceremony ready for your officiant! Or you can create a custom ceremony by assembling ceremony elements, selecting passages, and editing every word for a complete, personalized wedding ceremony.

It is time to let go of the time-consuming and un-fun methods of scouring the Internet for bits of passages, finding a few templates, downloading “personalized” ceremonies by officiants, or using sites with clunky script generators. Only Wedwordy gives you the versatility of both time-saving convenience and thoughtful and fun customization.

For the most meaningful part of the wedding day, choose Wedwordy. Make it yours!

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