Five Qualities of Extraordinary Wedding Vendors

There are five qualities to look for in your dream team of wedding vendors by Wedwordy and Tan Weddings & Events.

Wedwordy teamed up with Tan Weddings & Events to acknowledge wedding vendors that we have had the pleasure to work with. They are some of northern California’s best, earning rave reviews from clients and other vendors, and awards in their respective fields. What are the qualities that make them so awesome? Here are five criteria that you can look for as you assemble your dream team of wedding creatives:


Whether communications with other vendors or contracts with the client, the wedding vendor maintains a high level of professionalism from start to finish. (An extraordinary vendor will know the work does not end with the final dance!) Emails, texts, and phone calls are done in a timely and efficient manner. Expectations and objectives are communicated, confirmed, and delivered. Their tools of the trade are up-to-date, appropo, and on-trend (like planning, design, and invoicing software, photo/video equipment, rentals, and even company attire on site). They are accountable for their work product and hold themselves and their staff to the highest standards.


Think of a symphony. Each musician is a virtuoso on their instrument. Together, music happens when there is a precisely timed, finely-tuned rhythm and harmony. There is the exacting execution of the written notes, and the inspired spontaneity that comes from listening and adjusting to one another. A wedding production is like a symphony, or for our sports-minded friends, like a team. It takes a group of wedding professionals to bring the wedding to life. It takes collaboration to highlight each other’s strengths. It takes a mix of humility, agility, and flair. Bottom line, extraordinary vendors work together in support of the couple’s vision.


The wedding vendor should be passionate about their work, verging on obsession, just short of a neurosis! That’s when the work transcends work, it becomes a mission of the heart and art. It’s when their eye is seeing something more than the average human being, and hearing the words “that’s good enough” is a war-cry to go further, to be better, to triumph over mediocrity! Wedding creatives become extraordinary wedding creatives because they aim for something more in their service or product. Their soul infuses each flower, napkin fold, playlist, and ceremony word. These are the people you want to create your wedding celebration, and the people we want in our band!


Like Shrek, humans have layers. Underneath the professional, the teammate, the artist is the human being. It is this person that ultimately you, the client, will connect with. The extraordinary wedding vendor is only as good as the person underneath. Are they someone warm, funny, caring, understanding, genuine? You’re not going to marry your vendor, but at least during the preparations and the wedding day, you’ll know them fairly intimately! It is important that you make a connection with your wedding vendor. It should be someone who understands your vision and your personality because everyone needs people that get them – whether you’re an ogre, donkey, or human.


Your wedding budget is finite. You want to make every dollar count, you want to optimize your wedding investment value. Clearly, your goal should not be to find the cheapest or the most extravagantly priced vendors. Hire an experienced wedding planner like Tan Weddings & Events who can guide you in matching your budget to your vision. Or do a bit of research. Reach out to your prospective vendors. Generally, it is not good practice in the industry to negotiate down their pricing. It means they will need to cut corners, whether it is staffing or less flowers, for instance. Instead, prioritize what’s most important to you and spend the money where it counts, securing the vendor who is right for your wallet.

If you are planning a wedding in northern California, check out Tan Weddings & Events’ website for a list of their Preferred Vendors!

Photo Credit | Ron Tan Photography

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