Five Keys to a Healthy and Happy Marriage

There are five keys to a healthy and happy marriage: vitality, synergy, harmony, sustainability, and discovery. Read on and apply these morsels of wisdom to your relationship now! (You’ll find the complete passage in the element Reflections in our Wedwordy app.) 

First, as individuals, maintain a healthy level of vitality. Taking care of yourself is not a selfish endeavor. It is, in practice, selfless, where your personal wellness – mind, body, heart, and spirit – serves the relationship.

Second, embrace the synergy of your partnership, where both of you mutually give and receive. This constantly revolving mechanism of sharing, advocating, and encouraging provides the nourishment for both of you to grow together. So give passionately, receive joyfully.

Third, strive for harmony in your home. Marriage is like the music of a symphony – harmony is achieved when the musicians tune in to each other, they listen, they make adjustments. In your home, train yourselves to listen, to adjust, to complement one another.

Fourth, embrace deep, steady love. The spark of romance stokes the glowing, radiant, steady glow of true partnership. This is the fire that sustains deep devotion.

And finally, the fifth key is to relish the excitement of discovery. Each day is an opportunity for learning and growing. Embrace this notion and your life becomes a journey enriched by daily blessings.

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